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Post-COVID Retail Industry

Physical retail turns around post-COVID, time to fish for winners BackgroundCOVID has brought significant change within the retail industry, many stores have been ordered to shut down, especially those within US. This has led to many bankruptcies, both private and public. Those with high fixed costs and subpar balance sheet went under relatively quickly (Tailored … Continue reading Post-COVID Retail Industry

Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE: KSS) Stock Analysis || 柯爾百貨公司股票分析

Beneficiary of COVID-19 with off-mall presence, underlying unit economics shifting Target Price 2020/03/07: $60 2021/02/08: $100 Investment Evaluation 2020/03/07: Kohl’s (NYSE: KSS) is a department store focusing on apparel through national brands and private labels. It is worth $60 per share based on Michelle Gass’s strategy to return the company to growth through partnerships. Kohl’s … Continue reading Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE: KSS) Stock Analysis || 柯爾百貨公司股票分析

Luckin Coffee Inc (NASDAQ: LK) Stock Analysis || 瑞辛咖啡股票分析

Economically viable new-retail model that everyone is afraid to like Target Price 2019/11/12: $30 2021/02/10: $20 Investment Evaluation 2019/11/12: Luckin (NASDAQ: LK) will usurp Starbucks to become the largest coffee retail chain in terms of cups of coffee sold in the coming years. Its unique business model will allow higher-than-average margin levels; its strong management … Continue reading Luckin Coffee Inc (NASDAQ: LK) Stock Analysis || 瑞辛咖啡股票分析